12 February 2013

Knock knock. Who's there?

We're extremely pleased to share the new set of 50th Anniversary Doctor Who stamps we've been busy working on. Commemorating the first broadcast of Doctor Who in 1963 and all the subsequent Doctors up to 2013, the work celebrates 50 years of time-travelling adventures with the most famous Doctor in the Universe.

As well as the main set of stamps, we were responsible for the design of all supporting products, including the exclusive Mini Sheet Stamps, Presentation Pack, Prestige Stamp Book, First Class Definitive Stamp Sheet and First Day Covers. Having started the project in early 2012, we were only completed a year later, such was the amount of history and detail in the subject.

The main set includes 11 First Class stamps featuring all of the Doctors from William Hartnell in 1963 to the current Doctor Matt Smith in 2013. The stamps were created as composite images, and with each stamp we endeavoured to distill the iconic Doctor Who title sequence in such a way as to capture all of the most memorable moving imagery and visual elements in a single freeze frame, as well as pay tribute to the brilliant actors that have played the Doctor over the years. The set communicates the constant visual evolution of the show and the ongoing regeneration of the Doctors into new and distinct personalities.

An exclusive 50th Anniversary Mini Sheet will bring together Second Class stamps featuring four of the Doctor's most iconic foes around a centrepiece First Class stamp, portraying the TARDIS itself. The four stamps feature a Dalek, Ood, Weeping Angel and Cyberman reaching for the Doctor's central TARDIS stamp. Specially designed die-cut borders allow for the villains to break out from beyond the stamp perforations and reach towards the viewer when removed from the self adhesive backing.

Many hours were spent searching the extensive BBC archive for the best footage and stills imagery to capture these iconic Doctor Who moments, and great care was taken to remaster the selected source material across all of the products. The main focus was always to represent the show as a whole, and pay tribute to the substantial and diverse history of Doctor Who, and his adventures, across all of the products.

Sadly for now we can only show you what the First Class stamps and Mini Sheet stamps will look like, and you'll have to wait until the official launch later next month for all the other collectible goodies we've designed.

Watch this space from the 26th March 2013 when the stamps will be available to buy online.


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