31 May 2013

Say Hello to Joy. Again.

You may remember that back in 2011 we launched a range of permanent digital installations and initiatives in PUMA's global stores. The initiatives, a curious cabinet in changing rooms, a public phone that talks back, a large games wall and a range of ambient films playing on the ceiling, were all designed to bring moments of joy and surprise to our customers' experience. 
After the success of these initiatives, we're now pleased to show you our latest wave of content for the installations which have already begun rolling out to some of PUMA's 250 locations worldwide. All of the video content content was shot or generated from scratch working with our production friends over at Art & Graft while digital wizardry and animation was again made possible thanks to Dotglu in New York.
Across the concepts we've covered pretty much every subject you could think of between the worlds of sport and lifestyle, from the chance to slap Usain Bolt in the face to a surprise encounter with a cute baby owl. Whichever one you experience, it's safe to say that PUMA is the sport brand that's guaranteed to make you smile...
Check out the film or experience them for real at your local PUMA store.


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