14 February 2013

InCycle is the new recycle

This is a big week for the future of sustainability in retail. PUMA have just launched the sportlifestyle industry’s first fully biodegradable and recyclable collection of shoes, clothes and accessories. Named PUMA InCycle, it also launches with Cradle to Cradle certification which it's been awarded thanks to the two sustainable cycles it uses as part of it's process.

We were thrilled to be asked to create a short film to introduce the collection and help explain the very clever recycling process. As the process is pretty scientific and complex with a lot to try and squeeze in, our main challenge was how to ensure the story was made simple, engaging and entertaining.

Rather than shoot live action, we decided to make an animated film with bags of charm and humour. The script and illustrations were all created in-house at GBH and huge thought was given to the choice of soundtrack and voice over artist.

Visually, the story is told through scenes made from fragments of fabric, inspired by the recycling process which sees used and unwanted products either shredded or eaten by bacteria! The aesthetic isn't just good to look at, it helps position the film within PUMA’s bigger sustainable world and gives the collection a strong identity which we'll be applying across wider applications this year; in-store window displays and POP as well as on-line stories will all get the InCycle visual treatment. Here's to going round in circles!

To learn more about PUMA InCycle products, visit: http://www.puma.com/bringmeback


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