26 February 2013

How do you rebrand something that nobody wants?

Or put another way, how to rebrand funerals! It's a sensitive subject, but that's exactly what GBH were asked to do for BBC2's TV show The Fixer, which airs on BBC2, February 26th at 8pm. Each episode of The Fixer sees presenter and business advisor Alex Polizzi help a struggling family business to recognise its failings, before offering straight-talking advice on how to reposition itself to be relevant, desirable and ultimately more successful.

For episode three of this series, Alex charged GBH with the difficult job of analysing the funeral home market - audience, shops and marketing - with a view to helping David Holmes and Sons, a stagnating funeral home, re-engage with its potential customers in the local community.

The project required us to spend time with David and his family at their funeral home, getting to grips with what is a sombre business, while helping them understand how they are perceived (or not) by locals. This learning process was then put to use as we set about rebranding the name, identity and shop. Despite being an unusual project, it was business as usual for GBH, except for the fact that we're not usually filmed on the job!

We're pleased to say that Alex's advice and GBH's branding have led to a huge increase in street awareness for the business. But don't take our word for it, tune in to BBC2 on February 26th, 8pm and see for yourself.


Anonymous David Holmes said...

GBH helped transform our business. The new brand perfectly reflects our values and has helped us almost double the number of families we help. We could never adequately express our thanks to you. What a team!

1 March 2014 at 19:46  

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