12 June 2012

Time to put your closet on a diet?

Bin for Blog05
If like us your closets are stuffed full of things you never wear, you might be interested in checking out The PUMA Bring Back Bin, our latest effort in PUMA's ever growing list of sustainable initiatives. 
 The bin, which is soon to roll out to all PUMA stores, is a collaborative venture with I:CO, an organisation which facilitates a recycling process known as 'Cradle to Cradle' (C2C). Quite simply, the bin let's you drop off any unwanted items that you have and passes them on to I:CO (you can even leave non-PUMA gear!) Using the C2C process, the items are then recycled in one of two ways; either broken down into their basic raw materials ready to be re-used in the manufacture of other products, or where possible, composted down to into valuable soil nutrients.
Bin For Blog06Tasked with branding and naming the bin, we aimed at creating something that is simple to understand, easy to use and makes you smile - after all, doing good doesn't have to look serious! So before you go out on your next spending spree, have a good rummage through your closet first and then stop by your local PUMA store.
 For more information, go to www.puma.com/bringmeback
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