11 January 2011

GBH make national news

GBH and Royal Mails’ Special Stamps ‘FAB: The Genius of Gerry Anderson’ were launched today – making front page news on The Times, with articles in all the national Press and on UK TV.

The set of six Special Stamps shown above form the central part of a suite of collectable products which includes a mini-sheet of the UK’s first ever 'Motion Stamps'. Printed entirely using micro-lenticular technology, the mini-sheet of four stamps provides several seconds of live action when tilted back and forth. The project has been widely covered in the national UK media today including TV appearances on BBC Breakfast, BBC News, The One Show and LBC radio amongst others.

BBC One o’Clock News

The full set of specially designed products are available now from the Royal Mail website or over the counter at any good post office. (We’ve always wanted to say that).

BBC News provided via BBC iplayer. ©BBC MMXI
The Times Newspaper ©Times Newspapers Limited, 2011


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You know you've made it when your on the one show!

12 January 2011 at 10:22  

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