19 December 2009

Three Design Week Award Nominations

GBH have been nominated for a unique timelapse viral for Puma Motorsport, a new Product Identity for Puma Football Africa 2010 and for a TV and Stadia spot featuring world famous African footballers Samuel Eto’o, John Mensah and Khada Keita.

The three nominations in three separate categories bring GBH’s total in the UK’s prestigious Design Week Awards to 16 nominations, 4 Awards and 1 Best of Show since 2001.

GBH created the Puma Ferrari Pit Crew viral for Puma Motorsport via five iSight cameras and timelapse stop-motion software. Shot in one day, the film shows an extra special Puma Pit Crew build the 2009 Ferrari F1 car entirely from Puma Ferrari apparel and accessories. The orginal car sculpture is currently on display in Pumas Berlin store, and plans are afoot for it to tour European cities via the Puma store. Look out for a possible appearance in the Bahrain Store at the 2010 F1 World Championship season opener in March.

GBH’s other two nominations, both centre around a new product identity for Puma’s Football footwear, apparel and equipment for all Puma endorsed national and club teams competing in the FIFA World Cup 2010 and beyond. Puma Football’s new product will be divided between two performance benefits: Raw Speed and Raw Power. GBH’s identity takes its inspiration from the Raw Speed and Power of Puma’s African National Teams, preparing for battle in Africa this summer.

Evoking the passion and fervour of the African Team’s supporters, the marque is adaptable to each nation’s colour way. The identity is a result of positioning work from GBH and Boissen/Like Minded of Denmark, and is showcased in this Brand Bible for all Puma Countries by GBH. Subverting FIFA’s ‘Rules of the Game’, the book is overprinted with messages detailing the new product range’s ethos.

The African National kits were unveiled at a Catwalk event in Rome to Puma’s global customers alongside product ranges for Puma ITALIA and other national and club teams from all over the world. Attended by World Cup winning Italian Team Manager Marcello Lippi, the event showcases the African National Team kits with a 90 second unveil film, TV and Stadia spot also by GBH (with Sponge Films/VFXCo/Absolute Post), which features star players, Eto'o (Cameroon), Mensah (Ghana) and Keita (Ivory Coast).

The design of the film and brand identity extended to the look and feel for the entire event, with all event graphic design for the Raw Football unveil also by GBH. The film is currently playing during half-time in all matches at the African Cup of Nations in Angola.

The full unveil film is available to view here on ‘Live from GBH’ or on GBH TV.

7 December 2009

The Great Wall of Herzo

Pumas new state-of-the-art HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany, features unique installations by GBH, including this 4 x 2.5m BadgeWall.

Made entirely from velcro dots and old-school 1 1/2" metal button badges, the wall renders the famous Puma Cat symbol from hundreds of red and white Puma Redworld icons printed on the button badges.

Here’s how we did it:

As well as the euphoria of finally being finished!

6 December 2009

Tune in to GBH TV

We’re uploading all our moving image projects as and when they’re completed. (More than 40 are available to view now). As well as finished films and TV Spots, we plan to show timelapse videos of work in progress, as well as all sorts of other stuff we hope you’ll be interested in.

To view GBH TV click here
Here’s a selected playlist:

Puma Raw Football unveiled in Rome

GBH have been busy working on the launch event and its associated materials for new national kits for a host of Puma’s African and European nations in the run up to the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Ghana star players Eto’o, Keita and Mensah feature heavily in a 90sec TV and Stadia spot which unveils the new kit designs via a brutal battle featuring the three African team’s national colours.

The film was shot in London, Barcelona and Lyon over three busy days, with production by Sponge Films/VFXco and Post Production by Absolute Post in London. Complicated Slow Motion VFX was captured using the state-of-the-art Phantom Hi-Speed HD Camera and ingenious use of exploding food colouring and player body doubles. Key shots of the players were then added to the shoot, creating a visually stunning battle of raw passion and colour. Paint explosions were shot separately with slow motion plates of the ball strikes and impacts super-imposed onto paint effects in post production. The soundtrack is by Djemba drum specalist Mamady Keita. Director was Jay Malett from Sponge Films.

The film was used at a catwalk launch event to Puma’s global customers in Rome with guest of honour Marcello Lippi, victorious Italian team manager at the 2006 World Cup.

The film takes centre stage in a large branding project which delivers a new, uncompromising tone of voice for all Puma Football product and equipment: ‘Raw Football’, which sees all footwear, apparel and equipment incorporating the identity to reflect and deliver either ‘Raw Speed’ or ‘Raw Power’ product benefits.

GBH created the brand positioning in tandem with Advertising Agency Boissen from Denmark. The product identity, brand bible, launch films and event graphic design are all by GBH. The Raw Football philosophy has been delivered both internally and externally via a small book–a facsimile of the FIFA laws of the game–which is subverted with the ant-establishement atitude of the new Puma approach overprinted on its pages.

The project will reveal more in the run-up to 2012, with more announcements soon. Watch this space!

Visit pumafootball.com for more details

Its Show and Tell at GBH

We want to try something different. We want to encourage your views on our work rather than deliver our views on the work of others.

We want to be the design and advertising agency that shows you what we’re doing, while we’re doing it—as long as our clients let us of course. When we can’t do that, then we plan to show you the stuff you just can’t see via award schemes and industry magazines, including the sketches, presentations and the ‘one’s that got away’.

We’ve been quite a heads down bunch here at GBH, but after ten years of crafting away at our studio in London, we’re looking forward to taking time out from the projects to show you just what goes into them.

We hope it’ll be interesting. Let us know what you think.