28 August 2014


PUMA have teamed up with the Saitex denim factory in Vietnam to launch a new collection of sustainably made shoes. They have been re-cut from denim off-cuts that would normally have gone to waste.

Denim manufacturing processes are usually very wasteful, however the Saitex factory is setting a new benchmark in the industry. Not only is the factory recycling their unused denim, it is also using solar power and rain water capture to keep wasted energy down to a minimum. On top of all of that, PUMA are donating the profits from this collection to the Be Tho Orphanage situated near the PUMA and Saitex factories. 
The orphanage is home to approximately 136 children from new borns up to 16 years old. The profits will be used to provide education, meals and medical care for the children.

We were asked to create a name and logo for the shoes, as well as concepts for how the branding should be applied to the shoe. We wanted our logo to look recycled as well as demonstrating the big idea of one thing being re-cut into something new without there being any waste.

Prior to the launch were given a collection of video clips of the orphanage, denim factory and Puma factory, and asked to tell the story of how these shoes are 'cutting waste and doing good'. We intentionally cut all the clips together in a lo-fi, slightly old school way. We also added in some recycled clips from other films to add to the recycled story and build on the slightly rough, imperfect aesthetic. Even the soundtrack took samples from the supplied footage creating and eclectic and unique backing track.