12 November 2013

GBH set up shop in Boston

GBH has created a Pop-Up Studio in the Fenway area of Boston, Massachusetts. We’ll be resident in town for 6 weeks in order to kick off an exciting new Hotel Project in this part of the city with our new clients, Samuels & Associates.

As well as our established and multi-award winning relationship with sports and lifestyle brand Puma®, also in Boston (and Herzogenaurach in Germany), we have recently began work with revolutionary Bostonian Candy Un-junkers, Unreal®. (Not our packagaing, yet!)

All three project relationships in one place made setting up shop in this great city a no-brainer. Luckily for us, its the Fall out here, so our timing is absolutely perfect as its a miraculous sight. Fire literally hangs from the trees and its different everyday.

We’ll keep you posted with more from Boston as the next 6 weeks progress.

If you’re in the creative industry and near to Boston or in the city, we’d love to meet you. If your agency or university would like GBH to visit and perhaps give a mini-talk from our portfolio of work whilst we’re here, please do get in touch.

Drop us a line at mark@gregorybonnerhale.com as we’d love to say hi while we’re here.