13 April 2011

The uncharted edge of paradise

GBH are working with Viceroy Hotels and Resorts in California on the group's first venture outside the Americas.
Viceroy are developing the island of Vagaru in the Maldives and GBH have been tasked with creating the look and feel for the island.
The sales brochure (pictured) is first out and uses stunning natural colours and copywriting by GBH to establish a lighthearted and playful tone for the 5 star resort.
Signage, soapdishes, spa collateral, weather card, beach towel, cocktail invitation, coconut holder, room number, room key, resort map, welcome board, newspaper holder, picture postcards, bags, tags and everything else you'll need on a desert island including the worlds most charming do-not-disturb sign all coming soon.
The island will open its lagoons and beaches to guests in late summer.