30 November 2010

Shoe boxes are so last year!

We're very proud to announce our involvement in an important piece of work that is set to revolutionise how all shoes are packaged in future. Working in conjunction with Yves Behar of Fuseproject and PUMA, 'Clever Little Bag' is about to replace PUMA's world famous red shoe box forever!

Rolling out internationally this Christmas, Clever Little bag is the result of two years research and testing which has seen various concepts, such as pulp boxes and netting, rejected on the grounds that they weren't sustainable enough to meet PUMA's stringent environmental targets. Finally, Clever Little Bag cracked it.

Here's how it works. Clever Little Bag is a re-usable shoe bag which completely eliminates the need for a separate shoe box and carrier bag. The shoes are transported direct from factory to PUMA warehouses and stores inside Clever Little Bag, using an additional recycled one piece cardboard inner to protect the shoes. When a customer purchases the shoes in store, the card is removed and retained by PUMA and sent off for recycling while the customer takes the shoes away in a handy reusable bag!

Although it looks simple, the science behind Clever Little Bag is complicated, its weight, size, recycled content, fuel efficiency in transport and material savings all being weighed up to determine whether the bag would meet PUMA's sustainability goals. And the stats speak for themselves... by removing the traditional card shoebox there's a 65% reduction in paper and 10 ton reduction of carbon emissions each year. Because it also does away with needing an additional carrier bag, another 275 tons of plastic are saved each year.

Naturally it was hugely important that whilst moving to a more sustainable way, PUMA lost none of the iconic look and feel associated with its previous box. It was also important to capture the public imagination and ensure that customers accept the change and see its benefits. In this respect, the naming, design and sustainable processes key (the PUMA Eco-Table) that appears on the side of the bag, ensure that Clever Little Bag delivers a serious message with PUMA's trademark personality, wit and style. Clever huh?

26 November 2010

Thunderbirds Are Go!

GBH are proud to have designed the UK’s first micro-lenticular stamps
This blockbuster Special Stamps Issue and suite of collectible products for Royal Mail has been sensitively designed to honour the incredible creativity of Supermarionation genius Gerry Anderson MBE and his team at Century 21 Productions in the 1960s.

The unique mini-sheet features the countdown and launch sequence of all the legendary Thunderbirds craft from the iconic 1960s title sequence. The special stamps were created by GBH with a process that fused film-making, editing and post production techniques with graphic design. Sequences were meticulously trialled from the original master 35mm print at ITV, and the final frames were carefully selected, exported to HD quality, digitally re-mastered and then re-edited back into an all-new 36 frames sequence, for use in the complex micro-lenticular process.

The technical process behind the stamps is explained by ‘Brains’ on the rear of the mini-sheet carrier itself...

The final frames were split into micro-thin slices and then printed in reverse using random dot technology onto the rear of specially manufactured micro-lenticuar screens at Outer Aspect in New Zealand, the only fully accredited security lenticular printer in the world. Perforation of the acrylic stamps then took place at Cartor Printers in France.

The Special Stamp Issue: FAB - The Genius of Gerry Anderson
The pioneering lenticular stamps are part of a Royal Mail Special Stamp Issue which includes six landscape stamps, again using iconic imagery from Thunderbirds, but this time being joined by all of Gerry Anderson’s revolutionary Supermarionation TV shows From the 1960s; Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. The printed stamps present the images in a unique wider than 4:3 TV format complete with curved border design.

The stamp format allows the full 35mm frame to be shown exactly as it was shot by Gerry Anderson for the first time, as it was cropped to 4:3 when originally aired on British TV.

Collect ‘Em All!
The detail and precision of the stamps is reflected in the design and writing of all the accompanying collectible products, including a Presentation Pack featuring text and exclusive interviews with both Gerry himself and original puppet sculptor Terry Curtis by Supermarionation expert, Chris Bentley.

The super-detailed pack features another first, a special pull-out 4 page comic telling the story of the creation of the Thunderbirds through the illustration of original TV21 Comic artist Gerry Embleton and writer Stephen La Riviere. GBH flew Gerry Embleton from Switzerland to work at our studios to recreate the original quick-fire working process with Designer, Writer, Artist and Client all collaborating together in a memorable day’s work which culminated in a late-night trip down memory lane to visit to the scene of the show’s creation at Stirling Road, Slough.

The issue’s First Day cover features specially designed handstamps commemorating these famous studios of Century 21 Productions, and a carrier card celebrating the timeless quality of Gerry’s TV shows and characters.

A Limited Edition Royal Mint Medal
The story is completed by a limited edition medal pack produced in collaboration with The Royal Mint where a specially struck medal is showcased in a presentation pack detailing the Thunderbirds Pilots and their craft with an ‘Exclusive’ interview with the boys on Tracy Island.

Gerry Anderson MBE recently sent us all at GBH this lovely note...
‘Everything is FAN...BLOODY...TASTIC! I cannot express my thanks enough for what will become the greatest honour that has ever been bestowed upon me. A huge amount of work has gone into this and all I can say is it was all worthwhile. Please thank everyone who contributed to this jewel’.

The stamps, micro-lenticular mini-sheet and all collectible products are available for pre-order from Royal Mail now, and will launch on 11 January 2011.


GBH would like to thank Catharine, Alastair and Helen at Royal Mail and Gerry and Mary Anderson for their support and encouragement.