15 September 2010

Swedish Goodness

Say hello to Karl & Oskar. They're a bear and a moose that star in the new Autumn Winter campaign we've just created for Swedish outdoor brand Tretorn. In case you didn't know, Tretorn began it's life 120 years ago making rubber boots in Sweden before branching out into tennis balls and plimsoles (as worn by Bjorn Borg) in the 60 and 70's. Today, it's grown into an outdoor brand, making casually refined shoes, coats and accessories for the great outdoors.

Our new campaign comes off the back of a bigger brand review where we've sought to re-establish the brand's heritage as maker of beautifully crafted products, it's authentic Swedish-ness and affinity with the outdoor lifestyle. And to do it with a sense of humour!

The result is "Swedish Goodness" (a sentiment that nicely sums up Tretorn's love of nature as well as the quality of it's product). The campaign centers around a bear and a moose who love nothing better than to buddy up with their human pals and do outdoorsy activities together, like chopping wood, fishing and rowing. In short, wear Tretorn outdoors, and you too will feel the love.

To ensure an offbeat feel to the scenes, we decided to shoot the whole thing on a set, creating a fake Swedish outdoors and commissioning a bear and a moose costume, though they very quickly turned into the real characters, Karl and Oskar, on set!

As well as appearing in international print ads, look out for Karl & Oskar's film clips on youtube and catch up with their latest adventures as 'top models' on twitter & facebook. You might also see them wondering round west London during lunch break.