29 June 2010

Small detail big change

Hot off the press is an oversize glossy colour brochure we have just designed for Gatwick Airport. The brochure, which is aimed at making a strong case for international airlines to choose Gatwick, is part of the first phase of the airport's reinvention which has been in the pipeline since it's break from BAA in 2009.

With the key selling point of the story being Gatwick's massive review of its services and infrastructure, followed by a $1.6 billion regeneration plan, our big concept was to think of Gatwick airport as a scaled down architectural model undergoing detailed inspection and scrutiny.

The feat of actually depicting a site as huge as an airport in this way turned out to be a massive logistical undertaking. The effect was achieved through a photographic process known as tilt shift which requires wide shots of large areas from a high vantage point. To make the shots possible, Gatwick allowed us rare access onto the runways, tarmac, control tower and roof tops of the terminal buildings and even supplied us with a 90ft hoist to get the required height.

Photography by Lee Mawdsley