15 April 2010

GBH at the Design Museum

PUMA launched its long-term sustainability program on April 13th at an exhibition at the Design Museum in London. GBH have been closely involved with this process and the contents of the exhibition for the last six months.

The PUMA Eco-Table is a system conceived and designed by GBH to visually demonstrate the sustainable efforts PUMA is making in all areas of the business. The table is used on new packaging, distribution and labeling systems set to launch in the second half of 2011.

The star of the show was the GBH named and styled "Clever little bag" which rethinks the way 50 million of pairs of shoes each year are packaged — The reusable bag simply replaces the traditional box and carrier bag. Less packaging means fewer raw materials, less use of water and energy to produce, and less weight to ship and to be disposed of. The form and logistics of the packaging and distribution system were designed by San Francisco based fuseproject.

Impact-wise the changes will reduce water, energy and fuel consumption by more than 60% per year. In other words: approximately 8,500 tons of paper, 29 million plastic bags, 20 million megajoules of electricity and 1,000,000 litres of fuel oil will saved every year — which definitely sounds like a really good start.